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Hide sensitive data without anyone even suspecting it is there

Fabio Sguanci |
updated on August 3, 2020
28.9mb | free


Useful for storing or sending sensitive data


Can't embed large files
Somewhat outdated
Price: $
Do you have a sensitive data that you want to hide without anyone even suspecting it is there? Well, you can do this by using this interesting piece of software called Steg. It uses a technique called steganography and also cryptography to hide information inside images.

But what is a steganography. Steganography is a technique, which can be described as an art and science for hiding information in a way that no one even suspects it is there. This way information is not embedded as a metadata or similar into image file, but it is actually embedded inside the image itself.

When the information has been embedded into the image, Steg will show the modified version, so that you can check that there are no artifacts visible inside the image. Be ready to tweak the configuration parameters a little if that happens, but for the most part default configuration will do just fine.

Be sure to use compressed or small images, as otherwise the data embedding process may require a lot of processing power and memory resources. If the data that you want to hide is larger than a small text file, also make sure to compress it into archive, such as .zip file or similar, or you won't be able to hide it into the image.

In conclusion, Steg can be used as a tool to safely store data so that no one even suspects it is there. This could be useful, if you possess sensitive data that you want to send over email, and in similar cases. Also, be sure to test the extraction process after the data has been embedded, to make sure it can be fully retrieved as well.
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Additional info

Minimum requirements

• RAM: 2 GB (for large images)
• Qt 4.8.4 dynamic libraries (included in the package)

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